Honeysuckle[American actor]
Honeysuckle Rose Name:Honeysuckle Rose
Release:25 May, 2004
Manufacturer:Asv Living Era

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:''For an article on the New Zealand honeysuckle tree see Rewarewa.''''White Honeysuckle|Lonicera albiflora''

''Arizona Honeysuckle|Lonicera arizonica''

''Bella Honeysuckle|Lonicera x bella''

''Sweetberry Honeysuckle|Lonicera caerulea''

''American Fly Honeysuckle|Lonicera canadensis''

''Italian Woodbine|Lonicera caprifolium''

''Chrysantha Honeysuckle|Lonicera chrysantha''

''Orange Honeysuckle|Lonicera ciliosa''

''Purpleflower Honeysuckle|Lonicera conjugialis''

''Limber Honeysuckle|Lonicera dioica''

''Etruscan honeysuckle|Lonicera etrusca''

''Yellow Honeysuckle|Lonicera flava''

''January Jasmine|Lonicera fragrantissima''

''Lonicera x heckrottii''

''Hairy Honeysuckle|Lonicera hirsuta''

''Pink Honeysuckle|Lonicera hispidula''

''Chaparral Honeysuckle|Lonicera interrupta''

''Bearberry honeysuckle|Lonicera involucrata''

''Japanese Honeysuckle|Lonicera japonica''

''Blueleaf Honeysuckle|Lonicera korolkowii''

''Amur Honeysuckle|Lonicera maackii''

''Smallflower Honeysuckle|Lonicera x minutiflora''

''Morrow's honeysuckle|Lonicera morrowii''

''Notha Honeysuckle|Lonicera x notha''

''Swamp Fly Honeysuckle|Lonicera oblongifolia''

''Lonicera orientalis''

''European honeysuckle|Lonicera periclymenum''

''Grape Honeysuckle|Lonicera reticulata''

''Manchurian Honeysuckle|Lonicera ruprechtiana''

''Trumpet Honeysuckle|Lonicera sempervirens''

''Standish's Honeysuckle|Lonicera standishii''

''Southern Honeysuckle|Lonicera subspicata''

''Tartarian Honeysuckle|Lonicera tatarica''

''Utah Honeysuckle|Lonicera utahensis''

''Mountain Fly Honeysuckle|Lonicera villosa''

''Fly Honeysuckle|Lonicera x xylosteoides''

''Fly Honeysuckle|Lonicera xylosteum''

Ref: ITIS 35281
Honeysuckles (genus ''Lonicera'') are arching shrubs or twining vines, many with sweetly-scented, bell-shaped flowers. There are over 180 species of honeysuckle, the most common of which are ''Lonicera periclymenum'' (European honeysuckle), ''Lonicera japonica'' (Japanese honeysuckle, White honeysuckle, or Chinese honeysuckle) and ''Lonicera sempervirens'' (Coral honeysuckle, Trumpet honeysuckle, or Woodbine honeysuckle).The leaf|leaves are opposite, simple oval, and from 1–10 cm long; most are deciduous but some are evergreen. The plant is eaten by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Mottled Beauty.Japanese honeysuckle and Amur Honeysuckle (''Lonicera maackii'') are considered invasive species|invasive weeds in the United States, Japanese honeysuckle also in New Zealand. Honeysuckle can be controlled by cutting, flaming, or burning the plant to root level and repeating on two-week increments until nutrient reserves in the roots are depleted. Honeysuckle c! an also be controlled through annual applications of glyphosate, or through grubbing if high labor and soil destruction are not of concern.''Lonicera xylosteum'' (Fly Honeysuckle) is a common Homeopathy|homeopathic remedy, used for asthma, breathing difficulties and syphilis.''Lonicera periclymenum'' (European honeysuckle) is an uncommon homeopathic remedy, used for irritability with violent outbursts.

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Movie Market (UK) - Honeysuckle Rose posters, photos and ...
Honeysuckle Rose posters, photos and other movie memorabilia available to buy on...

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グリーン スポーツ ブログ
lt;br /> <br /> 販売店 <img src="http://honeysuckle.ciao…...honeysuckle.ciao.jp/blog/?itemid=41 - 10月4日04時31分 【特価特選通販価格】靴下 【特価特選通販価格】靴下 アリエル ソックス100 円税別、送料別フォーマ...

Container plants from Logee's Greenhouses, Select Plants, FUCHSIA 'HONEYSUCKLE'.Logee's Greenhouses Ltd, Connecticut, USA ~ Description of the fuchsia 'Honeysuckle',would be the best winter blooming fuchsia to date, good summer hea...

の産経新聞ドイツ特派員クライン孝子女史と朝日新聞叩き(http://blog.so-net.ne.jp/absente/2005-06-01) 7位 ...(http://www.ciao.co.uk/WKD_Original_and_Blueberry__5315456) Read reviews andcompare prices for WKD Original and Blueb...

Amazon.com: Honeysuckle Rose (1980) : Video
Honeysuckle Rose, Jerry Schatzberg, Willie Nelson, Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving, SlimPickens, Joey Floyd, Charles Levin, Mickey Rooney Jr., Lane Smith, Pepe Serna,Priscilla Pointer, Diana Scarwid, Emmylou Harris, Rex Ludwick...

NPR : Honeysuckle Lane: From Hotel to Home
Host Robert Siegel continues his chats with residents of flood-damaged HoneysuckleLane in New Orleans East. Pat Zeller lives at 40 Honeysuckle Lane, but is stayingat a hotel on Canal Street. Floodwaters soaked her home's downstairs...

SonyMusicStore: Willie Nelson Honeysuckle Rose
SonyMusicStore.com: Your source for music and ...

イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンCIAO FEDERICO! フェリーニ サテリコン日誌. CIEN. 影. CIEN NINOS ESPERNDO UN TREN.l00 人の子供たちが列車を待っている. CIMARRON. シマロン ... HONEYSUCKLE ROSE.忍冬〈すいかずら〉の花のように. HONGKONG l94l. 風の輝く朝...

Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant Honeysuckle Rose -- 2.25 oz Stick ...
Honeysuckle Rose Gentle, effective, natural. It has a mild formula for reliableodor protection. We made our original coriander deodorant even more effective byadding lichen, a natural odor-fighting botan...

The honeysuckle witches' broom aphid (Hyadaphis tataricae) was first found inMinnesota in 1981. This aphid species feeds on many common honeysuckle speciesand varieties and is probably the most damaging arthropod pest of this shrub...

Honeysuckle Rose - Box Office Data, Movie News, Cast Information ...
Honeysuckle Rose - Box office data, movie news, film analysis, cast, director,posters, b...

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Honeysuckle Rose at Epinions.com
Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Honeysuckle Rose.Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers onHoneysuckle Rose before you decide to...

Honeysuckle Rose
As soon as you join the site (or login if you are a member) a response form willappear here. To include this sound in a page, type "Honeysuckle Rose", includingthe quotes. Check home page to learn about newly submitted tunes...

Honeysuckle Disorder: Honeysuckle Leaffolding Aphid
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobathoneysuckle a low-maintenance. plant. The arrival of honeysuckle. leaffolding aphidsin 1980 changed. that. Although honeysuckle still. thrives in many locations withfew. insect or disease problems, th...

Honeysuckle Rose
Llama information provided by Mount Lehman Llamas, Mount Lehman, British Colu...

ノールで美肌効果 (http://prshops.ciao.jp/health/he03_pycno.html) ノール(フランス海岸松樹皮)で美肌効果。抗酸化作用に優れ、飲む ... ハニーサックル, ハニーサックル honeysuckle. スイカズラ科スイカズラ属。和名はニオイニンドウ.....

Freedom Honeysuckle A New, Aphid-Resistant Honeysuckle
Lots of information about Freedom Honeysuckle....

ギフト 映画ブログ
suckle.ciao.jp/blog/?itemid=45 - 10月4日04時31分 【激安通信販売 通販】その他 【激安通信販売 通販】その他 化粧箱ラッピング315 円税込、送料別オーガニックで安心ギフト♪和紡布つやつや ギフトセット2,000 円税別、送料別スカート5,500 ...

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Earthbag construction

Earthbag construction[Construction]
Samsung TR61X2SB 61 Inch DLP Stand for H Name:Samsung TR61X2SB 61 Inch DLP Stand for H

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Earthbag construction is a very strong, very cheap way of creating structures.
Polypropylene or burlap bags are filled with earth, or crushed volcanic rock.
They are then stacked on top of each other, inter-tied with barbed wire or
rebar, and tamped until hard. The materials cost for earthbag buildings is very low.

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Dead peasants insurance

Dead peasants insurance[Insurance]
IR Remote-Controlled Deadbolt Name:IR Remote-Controlled Deadbolt

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Dead Peasants Insurance, also known as corporate-owned life insurance (COLI), also known as "janitor insurance", refers to the practice of corporations taking out life insurance policies on rank-and-file employees without their knowledge or consent, with the corporation making itself the beneficiary. COLI was originally only used for highly skilled workers or executives, and was purchased by a company to hedge against the valid financial risk of recruiting and training a replacement for key employees. In the 1980s, as corporations realized the tax advantages of this arrangement, they began writing policies on masses of lower-level employees. When these employees die, the company benefits, and their families receive nothing. These policies can remain in place even after the employee quits or retires. Wal-Mart is among those companies under fire from the US Internal Revenue Service and labor organizations for the practice. The IRS considers COLI a tax dodge, and has purs! ued Dow Chemical, Camelot Music, Winn-Dixie and American Electric Power, among others, to recover tax underpayments. But the practice is still widespread. According to one source, Hartford Life Insurance estimated that one-quarter of all Fortune 500 companies have COLI policies, which cover the lives of about 5 million employees. Wal-Mart alone has policies on 350,000 employees. As of July 2005, Washington state joined five other American states in outlawing the practice, if the employee is not informed. As of May 2005, legislation called the "COLI Best Practices Act of 2005" has been introduced in the US Congress to limit the policies to a certain class of employees, and to mandate the notification and consent of the covered employee.

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Villarsia[American actor]
The Doug Perry Ensemble Name:The Doug Perry Ensemble

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approximately 20, including:
* ''Villarsia albiflora'' F.Muell.
* ''Villarsia capensis'' (Houtt.) Merr.
* ''Villarsia capitata'' Nees
* ''Villarsia exaltata'' (Sol. ex Sims) G.Don
* ''Villarsia parnassifolia'' (Labill.) R.Br.
* ''Villarsia reniformis'' R.Br.
* ''Villarsia umbricola'' Aston
* ''Villarsia violifolia'' F.Muell.''Villarsia'' is a genus of aquatic flowering plants in the family Menyanthaceae. The genus is named for the French botanist Dominique Villars (1745-1814). ''Villarsia'' are wetland plants with basal leaves. The inflorescence is a branched panicle with numerous flowers. Flowers are five-parted, either yellow or white, and the petals are adorned with wings.''Villarsia'' is largely restricted to Australia, but some species are found in Southeast Asia, and ''Villarsia capensis|V. capensis'' and others exist in South Africa.

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Tun (unit)

Tun (unit)[Konwledge of Wine]
Visual Memory Unit Name:Visual Memory Unit
Catalog:Video Games
Manufacturer:Sega of America, Inc.

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I'm gonna make this short and sweet for you. You got a Dreamcast?...GET THIS!It will "obvioulsy" save some of the biggest and baddest DC games around.Too far In Soul Calibur?Had enough skatin' and doin' some nice Graffiti in Jet Grind Radio? SAVE IT DREAMCAST RULES! BUY IT AND BUY THE VMU! Lates
CustomerReview by amazon


The tun is an old English unit of wine cask volume, holding about 1 E-1 m?|954 litres, almost a cubic metre. Etymologically it is identical to the ton. Originally, it was a genuine unit of volume and measured 256 gallons, which is the base for the name of the quarter of 64 corn gallons. Its later division into 210 imperial or 252 wine gallons was chosen to be evenly divisible by small integers, including seven:
; 210 := 2 ? 3 ? 5 ? 7
; 252 := 2? ? 3? ? 7
Anne of Great Britain|Queen Anne’s wine gallon is 231 cubic inches (3 × 7 × 11 in?), which makes the tun based on it exactly 2? ? 3? ? 7? ? 11 = 58,212 in?, which is a cylinder with diameter and height of 42 in both.It is assumed that the tun once also was the base for English brewery casks, whose now largest measure, the hogshead, is of a similar magnitude as its wine equinominent (between 220 and 250 litres). A different gallon was used for ale and beer, the ale gallon, which in modern times was 282 cubic inches (2 ? 3 ? 47 in?), which does not divide the 58,212 in? nicely.

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Cellular pathology

Cellular pathology[Diseases]
Immunophenotyping Name:Immunophenotyping
Release:15 April, 2000

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Cellular pathology is the branch of general pathology studying the cell (biology)|cellular basis of disease. Various normal functions of cell Cell growth|growth, Cell metabolism|metabolism, and Cell division|division can fail or work in abnormal ways and lead to various diseases such as cancers.Various topics are studied by cellular pathologists:
*organelle pathology
*cell death
*injury and response
*cell ageing
*autoimmune diseases

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Terroir[Konwledge of Wine]
X-Com: Terror from the Deep (PC) Name:X-Com: Terror from the Deep (PC)

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Terroir was originally a French language|French term in wine and coffee appreciation used to denote the special characteristics of geography that bestowed individuality upon the food product. It can be loosely translated as "a sense of place" which is embodied in certain qualities, and the sum of the effects that the local environment has had on the manufacture of the product.The contemporary meaning of the term now goes beyond mere geography, and primarily conveys the concept of quality in wine making. Terroir is distinct from the characteristics imparted by the plant variety, the vintage and production methods (vinification, etc.), and is the product of a range of local influences that are transmitted into the character of the good. Oenophiles use the concept of terroir to refer to wines that are distinctive and unique to their place of origin. However, the question of whether terroir is quantifiable, and the role that terroir plays in producing a "good" wine are matters o! f some controversy.

Terroir is a term adopted from the French usage, an extended meaning of the word for "land". Terroir is often italicized in English writing to show that it is a French loanword, although many now regard it as a word naturalized into English.

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AUVERGNE shopping : saucissons de terroir
ssons.net : du saucisson d'Auvergne ? partir de ...

terroir - award winning restaurant in Cley, north Norfolk: good ...
Award winning neighbourhood restaurant with rooms, unique seasonal vegetablecooking and fine organic wines; long, slow, pleasurable dining; chic, boutiquestyle accommodation; wonderful north Norfolk coastal loca...

Notes from a Devon Kitchen
Words are our currency and appellations and denominazioni ? the pinpointing ofproducts to provenance and terroir ? have long been considered valid means fordistinguishing, indeed guaranteeing quality. However, such a word-driven...

Marseille : Recettes
tes du terroir proven?al. Sauf indication contraire, les recettes sontdonn?es pour 4 personnes. Aioli. pour 6 personnes. Il faut : 1,5 kg de moruesal?e et s?ch?e, 500g d'escargots de mer (bulots ou gros bigorneaux)...

Formaggio Kitchen
Moulin F. Arizzi "Pur Terroir" 500ml. Hand harvested and cold pressed oil from LesMees, between Nice and Grenobles. Very fruity, with notes of artichoke and almond.Perfect for mayonnaise or drizzled over salad greens...


Produit du terroir
te d'information de la chambre d'agriculture du Luxembourg concernant lelabel 'PRODUIT DU TERROIR - LETZEBUERGER RENDFLEESCH'. Soumis ? un triple controleet d'origine luxembourgeoise retracable a 100% la viande bovin...

Samba Br?sil Montreux Lambiel Bex Agenda photo invitation Suisse ...
des promenades vititouristiques et agrotouristiques en Suisse Romande eten Eu...

Kate's Global Kitchen
... while puttering in my kitchen, without actually driving to each of the elevenwineries and five historic locations. ... you can learn about how wine is made,the distinguishing characteristics of grapes, an explanation of terroir...

本木店で以前オススメの坦々麺を食べたら、激ノビノビの麺が出てきて厨房まで文句を言いに行こうかなと思ったくらいのときがありました ... Restaurant & Bar TERROIR.テーマ:イタリアン. ランチメニューのひとつ「ホタルイカのトマトソース...

In the Kitchen with Mother Linda: Venison?The All-American Meat
Cooking with venison is a perfect way to capture and exploit the true Americanterroir, a French term for the essence of the land expressed in its foods, likethat country's domestic cheese or wine. What America lacks is a true America...

某ワインインポーター経営の六本木の「Terroir」(テロワール)へお昼を食べに行きました。 六本木と言っても、表通りからすこし入った所にある落ち着いた感じのお店で料理もおいしいが、ワインの種類の多さと、値段の安さは他の店の追従...

Le Guide du Terroir : Produits du Terroir de France - Annuaire des ...
ence les diff?rents producteurs et distributeurs de produits du terroir.S?lection par produit ou par d?partement. Pr?sentation d?taill?e avec photos desdiff?rentes entreprises r?f?ren...

Amazon.com: The Spanish Kitchen: Regional Ingredients, Recipes ...
Amazon.com: The Spanish Kitchen: Regional Ingredients, Recipes, And Stories FromSpain: Books by Clarissa Hyman,Peter ... true flavors of prime ingredients rootedin the local terra (terroir) that need no disguise or affectation...

木駅3番出口から出て、六本木交差点から外苑東通りを飯倉方向(東京タワーの方向)に向かいます。 ... テロワール(仏 Terroir)とはワインでよく使われる言葉で、そのワインに使われる葡萄の生育環境(葡萄畑の土壌、地形、気候)...

( 青山 ). ・, Sushi Cuisine ( 渋谷 ). ・, RESTAURANT CARDENAS ( 広尾 ).・, hisio ( 六本木 ). ・, Fummy’s grill ( 渋谷 ). ・, 魚貝屋 吉 ( 六本木 ). ・,ことこと ( 目黒 ). ・, 西洋食房Tsukiji亭 ( 赤坂 ). ・, TERROIR ( 六本木 ...

BRUTUS [グルマン温故知新]
IR テロワール 今度はアラカルトで 気軽に楽しめる、 2軒目の〈エノテカ〉, 港区六本木5-16-47HOUSE5302/2F, 日・祝日休。 デュ・ヴァン西麻布 あるようでなかった!のんびり主人の ショット感覚で味わえるワインバー...

eG Forums -> Who's in the kitchen?
I think you're talking about the kind of restaurants where the cucina is anextension of the home kitchen. Not chef cuisine, but the kind of cooking thatI'm crazy about, simple, based on season, with a sense of terroir...

nationalist project. This shifting definition reflects the ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobatpolysemic quality of terroir and reveals the need for more. historical and culturalscholarship to excavate its meaning ... adapted for the modern kitchen to assurea flavorful, harmo-. nious dish. (The book tells us that Rivera aske...

BRUTUS ONLINE [グルマン温故知新]
URANT & WINE BAR ★ TERROIR テロワール ... TERROIR (てろわーる) 東京都 港区六本木5-16-47HOUSE5302/2F tel. 03-3505-2500 12時〜15時(14時LO)、18時〜23時(22時LO)。 日・祝日休...

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Passiflora caerulea

Passiflora caerulea[American actor]


The Blue Passion Flower (''Passiflora caerulea''), also known as the Common Passion Flower, is a vine native to southern Brazil and Argentina (where it is known as the ''Pasionaria'' or ''Mburucuy?'' in Guaran?). It is capable of growing to 15–20 m height where supporting trees are available. The leaf|leaves are alternate, palmately five-lobed like a spread hand (sometimes three or seven lobes), 10–18 cm long and wide. The base of each leaf has a flagellate twining tendril 5–10 cm long, which twines round supporting vegetation to hold the plant up.The flower is complex, about 10 cm diameter, with the five sepals and petals similar in appearance, whitish in colour, surmounted by a corona of blue or violet filaments, then five greenish-yellow stamens and three purple stigmas. The fruit is an oval orange-yellow berry 6 cm long by 4 cm diameter, containing numerous seeds; it is eaten and the seeds spread by mammals and birds.

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Japanese beer

Japanese beer[Alcoholic beverages]
The Trojan horses: Japanese and U.S. presence in Europe. : An article from: Review of Business Name:The Trojan horses: Japanese and U.S. presence in Europe. : An article from: Review of Business
Release:28 July, 2005
Manufacturer:St. John's University, College of Business Administration

Available for download now


Japanese beer had its start during the Edo Period when the Dutch opened beer halls for the sailors who worked on the trade route between Japan and the Dutch Empire.

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Pimm's[Alcoholic beverages]
Living With Cerebral Palsy (Living With) Name:Living With Cerebral Palsy (Living With)
Release:October, 1999

Special Order


Pimm's is a brand of alcoholic beverages now owned by Diageo. Its most popular product is Pimm's N°1, a gin-based beverage that can be served both on ice or in cocktails. The recipe of Pimm's N°1 is secret; it has a dark tea colour with a reddish tint, and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fruit. A close approximation to Pimm's N°1 can be prepared by mixing one measure of gin with one measure of red vermouth and half a measure of triple sec, although this will lack the spcies that give Pimm's its distinctive flavour.There are five other Pimm's products besides N°1. The essential difference between them is the base alcohol used to produce them: N°1 is based on gin, N°2 on whisky, N°3 on brandy, N°4 on rum, N°5 on rye and N°6 on vodka. At present the only variants aside from N°1 still in production are N°s 6 and 3, both of which are made in much smaller quantities than N°1.

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Read Reviews of Pimm's and Compare with other Spirits & Liqueurs ...
Compare Pimm's Reviews by Consumer Ratings at Review Ce...

Pimm's - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Its most popular product is Pimm's N°1, a gin-based beverage that can be servedboth on ice or in cocktails. The recipe of Pimm's N°1 is secret; it has a darktea colour with a reddish tint, and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fruit...

On TV : The Perfect Summer Party : Pimm's and Soda : Fine Living
A recipe for Pimm's and Soda. ... Combine Pimm's, lemon juice, orange and lemonslices in pitcher. For each drink pour 2-3 ounces Pimm's over ice and top withsoda water. Garnish with a cucumber stick...

Pimm's Cup
Pimm's No. 1 is a gin-based aperitif that was invented in the 1820s in Englandby oyster-bar owner James Pimm. ... Pour 1/3 cup of Pimm's No. 1 in each glass.Top each glass with 2/3 cup ginger ale and garnish with a cucumber spear...

travel.iafrica.com | safari | accommodation Pimm's and pachyderms
Named after the Swazi king that once ruled this area of the Lowveld bush, KapamaPrivate Nature Reserve offers two things in large portions: friendly service andplayful pachyderms. Richard Holmes spent the nig...

Recipes : Mint Juleps and Pimm's Cup : Food Network
1 1/2 ounces Pimm's 1 1/2 ounces Sweet and Sour Mix Splash of 7-Up Soda 1 slicecucumber (sliced lengthwise) ... Add the Pimm's and sweet and sour mix. Stir toblend thoroughly. Splash with 7-UP and garnish with the slice of cucumber...

Pimm's Cup
Pimm's Cup. 2 ounces Pimm's Number One; 3 ounces ginger ale; Cucumber. Pour Pimm'sinto pint glass; fill with ice. Top with chilled ginger ale. Garnish with sliceof lemon and a slice of cucumber...

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